Sonar mapping

SONAR: SOund NAvigation Ranging

Reuters/Port of London/handout:A World War Two era German Dornier 17 bomber is seen using high-tech sonar equipment, showing it to be largely intact and well-preserved on the sea floor


Amongst other things, sonar is used to map out the surface of the ocean floor.  Most of the ocean floor has been mapped out using satellites, but a more detailed map of the ocean floor is being created using sonar aboard the U.S Navy research vessel-Melville.  Melville departed Cape Town on February 20, 2011.  Now, you are going to do some research about mapping out the ocean floor.  Then you will create a detailed outline of you would use sonar to map the ocean floor, but with only a $50o budget.  Click here to print off question sheet and outline [lesson modified from NOAA]

How can scientists obtain information about the bathymetry of the seafloor to help mariners navigate safely in coastal areas?

Hydrographic surveying

An introduction to sonar technology and hydrographic surveying.

NOAA Coastal Survey

Information about hydrography and links to products, projects and resources from NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey.


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